Microphone Close-Up

Mixing - Mastering - Drumming

Sonic Wizardry from planet NepTUNE

Offering professional head-bopping toe-tapping Drum and Percussion Recordings.

Mixing and Mastering from a Cosmic Artist with ears like an Elephant, hands like Bruce Lee, and training from Mr. Miyagi.

Production with fluidity of seamless synchronicity. Universal musicality.


Exceptional Sound

Extraordinary Skills

NepTUNE Studio's "B Room" is a Drum and Percussion Haven for tracking deep pocket grooves.

NepTUNE Studio's "A Room" is a Mixing and Mastering Studio. Offering state of the art post production for music, podcasts and more in Stereo, Binaural and Apple Spatial Audio. 

NepTUNE Productions produces music and collaborates with labels and global artists for sync music licensing. 

From NepTUNE Studio:

  • Cosmic Recordings

  • Universal Mixing

  • Magical Mastering

  • Galactic Production