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From planet NepTUNE

Offering professional head-bopping toe-tapping Drum and Percussion Recordings. 

Analog Sounding Mastering from a Cosmic Artist with ears like an Elephant, hands like Bruce Lee, and training from Mr. Miyagi.

Production with fluidity of seamless synchronicity. Universal musicality.


Exceptional Sound

Extraordinary Skills

NepTUNE Studio's "B Room" is a Drum and Percussion Haven for recording music and video's.

NepTUNE Studio's "A Room" is a Mastering Studio. Offering High Resolution Mastering for CD, streaming, 432hz, and more. 

NepTUNE Productions produces music, videos, lessons, and collaberates with labels and global artists.

NepTUNE Records brings the music lover genre defying global artists. This label aims at bringing a spotlight to incredible artists who's music is far from mainstream.

To the keepers of the groove, the sages of sonic landscapes,

Thank you for passing on the torch of cosmic sounds,

From planet NepTUNE:

  • Cosmic Recordings

  • Mindfull Mastering

  • Galactic Label

  • Phantasmic Production


Cosmic Sounds and Services


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About Ashley NepTUNE

Get to Know My Sound


Ashley NepTUNE is a session drummer and Mastering Enginneer.

His ever-expanding knowledge, style, experimentation, and musical ability have earned him the ranks of performing with award-winning artists from all over the world.

Such artists include Lee Oskar (WAR, Lowrider band), Tab Benoit, Magic Slim, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Billy Branch, Mike Morgan, Jumpin' Johnny Sansone, Bad News Brown, Anthony Gomes, Carl Henry, Dr. Draw, Carlos Del Junco, Jack DeKeyzer, Rita Chiarelli, Donne Roberts, David Rotundo, Brownman, Julian Fauth, Ike Stubblefield and highly acclaimed producers.

Aside from performing with members of John Lee Hooker's Band, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Jimmy Reed, Jeff Healey, Black Uhuru, Michael Bolton, Edgar Winter, Spindoctors, Monkey Junk and the Shuffle Demons,  Mr. NepTUNE's Discography includes a list of bands from jazz to psychedelic rock. 

Music is the cosmic waves from Ashley NepTUNE