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SoundBetter by Spotify; The future of gigging?

Updated: Mar 14


Spotify launched a music production platform to help musicians get gigs online. SoundBetter is dedicated to artists and its online community. This platform is user-friendly and appears to be superior to others such as Fiverr🤨. It offers a job board and funding requests for new projects.

Spotify has taken the market by storm, anyone who follows Joe Rogan saw it’s stock price and popularity grow with his $100 million dollar contract. Music royalties are another discussion🤐.

The 4 star reviews make this online Artist Production look like the Uber of Music.

Spotify boasts a music selection larger than it’s competitor Tidal at a lower quality sampling rate. The billionaire founders success may crossover in SoundBetter.


Word of mouth is a Lion’s roar in the world of music🦁.

For the present moment, the world is online. Discovering new music, connecting to communities, and making music “all-in-one service” is a pretty big leap.

SoundBetter platform serves as a modern digital age resume for the global market.

Kudos to those helping artists survive, a million views doesn’t bring much revenue. Even then, profit is slim with the digital world of music.

Maybe the lack of touring and royalties is the reason for the Vinyl revival —  “long live records” shouts a vinyl collector💽.

Relationships are everything, when your client becomes family, you take care of family first🥰.

Developing something profound can come from anywhere, and today, it’s virtual. Nourishing the existing relationships is the foundation.

Only time will tell if the digital age will outgrow itself.

The development of new artistic relationships is a key element in the future of music, will SoundBetter serve as the new LinkedIN?

Side note: It would be great if the SoundBetter job board was offered free or with a monthly trial.

Where’s the salespitch?

The main objective I see to SoundBetter is to sell the premium subscription, no different than anything else online💰. I do believe it’s probably the only way to rank higher and utilize this platform via the premium upgrade🙄.

For the working full-time musician, there’s always a hustle, you have to pick your battles and stick to the plan. Determining where to put your efforts, time and money is a key ingredient in today's overwhelming online subscriptions.

“With time and pacience LOVE conquers all 💖.”

When the music “business” roller coaster 🎢 is in full swing, I repeat this mantra above)💫.


For the virtual communities of music, insight comes when spending time away from playing music 🤑. It’s no different than how things worked offline. The top 20% succeed from putting in the time⏳ and networking. “Out of sight, out of mind,” gotta adverstise those services!

Having lived in Canada📍, the USA📍, and Colombia📍; networking old school holds the title belt for making lasting relationships🥇. Being present in the clubs and venues shows you what you need to know. Plane and simple.

With wishes of a better future, bring back the physical presence of music, jamming, and especially camping festivals 🎟, fingers crossed, pretty please and thank you universe✨.


Online is the current Festival of choice (options and spaces are un-limited). The Net if full of platforms and subscriptions sites to promote your music and provide clients.

How many platforms actually work?

This digital dinasour is about to find out. I certainly have more appreciation of the “good old days.” Today’s Rock Stars make TikTok video’s. The market is changing continuously, but it still beats having a boss.

While the music lovers search the interweb, demand to replace that face-to-face interaction remains a market untapped.

Networking within the family is tested and true. For everything else there’s Spotify’s new platform SoundBetter; expand the family tree of music🎵.

May the music keep your spirits high.

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